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Chicken Enchiladas
By Dawn Marie
Not your typical Chicken Enchiladas
16-Flour tortillas
1-2lbs Chicken (any kind is fine. You can even use boneless/skinless to make it easier)
2 small cans Green Chilis
16oz Sour Cream
1 canCream of Chicken Soup
1 can cream celery soup
1 can nacho cheese
2lb shredded cheddar
Optional: lettuce,onion,tomato,black olives
Boil chicken.
When done,save the water!! Set water aside.
Remove chicken and De-bone & de-skin. (Unless you used boneless/skinless) Then shred.
Set oven to pre-heat @ 350
In large Bowl,mix chicken,cream chicken,nacho cheese,3/4 can cream celery,green Chilis & half the sour cream. If you want wetter,add more sour cream. Then add 1 cup shredded cheese. Mix well.
Set a little bit of the mixture to the side.

Coat bottom of baking dish/pan lightly with some of the left over chicken water.

Lay out tortillas, and line some shredded cheese down middle. Then put some mixture on the cheese (as much or little as you’d like) Roll and place in pan.
Once pan is full,take some more chicken water and lightly pour over tortillas,making sure to get the ends of each one.
Take mixture you sat aside and lightly Cover all.
Bake at 350 for 30 min.
Take out and cover with cheese & bake again 10-15 minutes.
Cover with lettuce,tomato,onion & black olives.
Prep Time: 45 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes
Category: Main Meals Servings: 8

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